The Great Canadian Log Cabin

Log Cabins are such an iconic piece of construction that, along side igloos define our Canadian Heritage.  A symbol of the great out doors, peace, tranquility and solitude.

We come across many aged log cabins in our parts of northern Ontario, and are always on the look out for beams in reusable condition.  At Iron Butterfly we are all about reusing antique items and collaborating them into breathtaking artisan creations.

At the end of 2016, we were notified of a log cabin that had reached the end of its structural life.  We collected an impressive collection of stunning white pine beams and posts.  We have since allowed the pieces to speak to us and re construct them into tables and benches; creating our ‘2017 Canadian Log Cabin Collection’.

We hope you enjoy these pieces, and the more to come, as we try to salvage and keep the great tradition that is the Great Canadian Log Cabin.