Fire Pyramid


Available in 4 sizes:

Small-  Base 24″ x Height 48″ = $750.00

Medium – Base 30″ x Height 48″ = $800.00

Large – Base 36″ x Height 72″ = $900.00

Extra Large – Base 48″ x Height 94″ = $1100.00


Our Signature Fire Pyramids are designed and fabricated with family, fun and safety in mind.  Unlike regular fire pits, our Fire Pyramids keep the fire contained and reduce the risk of your loved ones coming into contact with the dangers of an open fire.

Made with a durable 1/4″ thick base with complete curb

Framed cut outs along the sides of the Pyramid allow for easy access for roasting sticks

Hand crafted fire poker included with every Pyramid

Our gift to you is a custom plasma cut out figurine to mount on the top of your Pyramid